Government Program Supporting Exports

How does the Program work?

Along with the Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, we have been entrusted with the implementation of the Government Program Supporting Exports.The aim of the Program is to boost Polish exports by providing both foreign and domestic businesses access to financing of contracts pertaining to exports of Polish goods or services.

Under the Program, Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego grants foreign buyers (directly or through their banks) credits financing the purchase of Polish goods and services. The credits are disbursed directly to Polish exporters. Foreign buyers repay the credits on completion of deliveries or services. Credits granted to foreign importers are insured by KUKE against political and commercial risk. BGK also grants credits directly to Polish exporters in order to finance an export contract.

What are the preconditions for taking advantage of the Program?

One of the basic preconditions for taking advantage of the Program is compliance with Polish content guidelines as defined by the Ordinance of the Minister of Economy of 19 December 2014.

What instruments does the Program have at its disposal?

The Program has at its disposal the following instruments of financing Polish exports:

Short-term financing
(repayment period of less than two years)

Short-term financing is applicable to exports to the so-called non-marketable risk countries (i.e. Russia, Ukraine, Belarus or Kazakhstan).

Medium- and long-term financing
(repayment period of two and more years)

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