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KUKE’s management board appointed for a new term


Today, KUKE's General Shareholders’ Meeting appointed the company’s Management Board for a new, common three-year term. The composition of the Management Board remained unchanged and consists of: Janusz Władyczak – President and CEO, Katarzyna Kowalska – Vice-President, Tomasz Ślagórski – Vice-President.

We are glad that the results of our activities have been positively evaluated by our shareholders and that we have been given a fresh mandate to continue the process of changes within the organization, in line with our three-year strategy adopted at the beginning of 2019. The strategy focuses on digital transformation, streamlining of business processes and continuous improvement of the quality of customer service. As a result, this should allow us to consolidate our position among the leaders on the credit insurance market and should lead to KUKE being the most frequently recommended insurer by entrepreneurs in this segment of the Polish insurance market. At the heart of all  these changes is the implementation of a new IT system. This will bring us a number of benefits, among them lower business operating costs, shorter time of business processes and will make new instruments available to SMEs looking to expand their business abroad, said Janusz Władyczak.

In 2018, the value of export and domestic receivables covered by KUKE within the commercial segment of its business i.e. where KUKE competes with other credit insurers, grew twice as fast as the market average. The 20 per cent increase on an annual basis meant that the value of turnover insured by KUKE reached nearly PLN 50 billion.

Within the framework of its state-backed business, where KUKE is the only provider of such insurance facilities on the Polish market, the value of export transactions covered by KUKE reached PLN 2.07 billion, an increase of 58.2 per cent year-to-year.

The shareholders of KUKE are the State Treasury represented by the Prime Minister of Poland (63.3 per cent) and Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego (36.7 per cent).     

Janusz Władyczak, Katarzyna Kowalska, Tomasz Ślagórski