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Fraud warning


Out of concern for the safety of our Clients and due to the received signals regarding cases of fraud involving impersonation of our Clients' counterparties (debtors), we ask all of you to be particularly vigilant.

Such fraudulent activities may involve:

using the real name and surname of an employee of the entity impersonated by the fraudster
only slight differences in the e-mail address and website name compared with the real entity, directing the user to a fake site

The above may lead to: 

goods being delivered to a location other than the rightful entity – usually the country is also different
obtaining payment for goods due to the Customer by deception, as a result of sending to the entity obligated to make the payment  e-mailed information on a change of the bank account to which the payments are to be made

At the same time, we would like to point out that the insurance cover provided by KUKE does not extend to damage arising as a result of torts. In case of suspicion of such a situation, please contact us at .