Supplier credit Supplier credit

“We are carrying out a large single contract and we are worried about the risk of not being paid by our foreign buyer.”

Exports of capital goods are exposed to a particularly high financial risk. The payment terms applied in such transactions may span few years and the value of the contract is usually substantial. We insure companies exporting capital goods, such as machinery, equipment, production lines, or performing construction services, against the risk of not being paid under the export contract. Our insurance cover includes political risk in the buyer’s country.

Supplier credit – insurance of a medium- and long-term export contract

What are the conditions?

  • The duration of the contract is 2 or more years.
  • The exported goods or services must meet the criteria of Polish content.
  • The cover spans nearly 200 countries worldwide, in line with the current policy regarding officially supported export insurance.
  • Our premium rates are harmonized with the OECD minimum premium rates system adopted by countries which have signed the so-called OECD Consensus.

What are the benefits?

  • We provide cover against the risk of non-payment of foreign buyers and monitor the financial standing of foreign business partners.
  • In addition to providing cover against the risk of non-payment, we are able to cover costs incurred by the exporter prior to the delivery of goods or performance of services under the contract.
  • Indemnity is paid in the currency of the export contract in order to minimize the currency risk.
  • Payment of the indemnity is guaranteed by the State Treasury.
  • Insurance conditions meet international standards set by OECD and the European Union.