Policy without Borders

“I am an exporter and I want to minimize the risk of non-payment when doing business on riskier markets."

Operating on faraway or unstable markets always involves additional risks. Policy without Borders covers not only the consequences of typical events occurring in trade, such as buyer’s insolvency, but also the results of political developments and events defined as force majeure, which may affect payments.

What are the benefits?

Insurance of receivables from buyers based in as many as 160 countries, including markets where other insurance companies do not provide cover.

The widest range of insurance cover in the market: commercial risk, political risk, force majeure (including a pandemic) and non-payment by a public entity.

Insurance of sales by your subsidiaries registered in other countries.

Free and effective debt collection: you do not have to collect overdue receivables from foreign buyers yourself - our specialists will take care of this for you.

Convenient way to conclude and manage the insurance agreement: you can sign the insurance policy using an electronic signature, manage the policy using the online customer portal and receive documents electronically.

You choose buyers covered by the insurance. You have the possibility to insure sales even to a single buyer.

No requirement of Polish origin for exported products and services.

Flexible adjustment of the terms and conditions of the insurance agreement to your needs, including the possibility of buying an additional Protection+ credit limit.

Insurance of pre-shipment, i.e. the risk arising during manufacturing of goods or prior to performance of services, should you need it.

Renewable credit limit: repayment of receivables covered by the limit provides insurance cover for subsequent receivables until the indemnity is paid.

Low, 5% retention.

Payment for actually completed sales: the premium is calculated monthly on the value of the actual turnover with the buyer.

Free risk assessment and monitoring of your buyers.

Improving your company's liquidity: insurance can be used as factoring collateral to help you to obtain funds from your buyer faster.

Boosting your company's credibility with banks and financial institutions, which translates into better financing conditions for export activities.

Which countries are covered by the Policy without Borders?

Policy without Borders covers 160 countries. See the full list of countries.

How does it work?

Step 1: Assessment of the buyer’s creditworthiness
You submit an application for insurance and indicate the amount of credit limit for the buyer reported for insurance. Our team of analysts conducts an assessment of the buyer’s payment credibility.

Step 2: Conclusion of the insurance agreement and payment of the premium
After a positive assessment of your buyer's payment credibility, you sign an insurance agreement with KUKE. Every month you pay an insurance premium calculated based on the actual turnover reported to KUKE, which is the only cost incurred by your company during the whole policy period. In case of lack of turnover with the insured buyer or failure to report turnover, a minimum premium is charged. At any time when you need it, you can take advantage of additional insurance cover (Protection+ credit limit or pre-shipment risk insurance) for an additional fee.

Step 3: Sale of goods or services and payment from the buyer
You deliver goods or provide services to the buyer.

Financing (optional)
You can obtain financing for your contract using factoring (from KUKE Finance or another factor) and use the Policy without Borders as collateral for the factor. With factoring, you can release the cash frozen in your invoices and you get the funds onto your account faster.

Step 4: Debt collection
If you do not receive payment from your buyer within the deadline specified in the contract or invoice, you ask us to take debt collection steps against the defaulting customer.

Step 5: Payment of the indemnity
In the event that the debt collection fails to produce the expected results, we will pay you the indemnity.

What are the conditions?

The maximum payment term for delivered goods or services may not exceed the period of two years. In case of agricultural goods (according to the WTO classification) the maximum payment term is 540 days.

Files to download

Policy without Borders - general terms and conditions