Individual policy

“We are carrying out a large single contract and we are worried about the risk of not being paid by our foreign buyer.”

Exports of capital goods are exposed to a particularly high financial risk. The payment terms applied in such transactions may span few years and the value of the contract is usually substantial. We insure companies exporting capital goods, such as machinery, equipment, production lines, or performing construction services, against the risk of not being paid under the export contract. Our insurance cover includes political risk in the buyer’s country.

Individual Policy – insurance of a short-term export contract

What are the conditions?

  • The duration of the contract is less than 2 years.
  • The buyer must be located in one of the 165 countries.
  • The insured percentage may not exceed 95% of the value of insured receivables.
  • All receivables subject to insurance must be confirmed by a properly issued invoice. Currency of the invoice must be listed on the “Currency Exchange Rates Table A” published by the National Bank of Poland, or the invoice may be denominated in Polish zlotys.

What are the benefits?

  • Our insurance policy secures an individual export contract, starting from the day of the first delivery until the last payment date, up to the insured amount specified in the insurance policy – the insured amount cannot be singlehandedly changed or terminated by KUKE.
  • Exporter’s duties regarding the insurance policy are reduced to minimum – no reports concerning the export contract or payments made by the buyer are required.
  • We provide a solid evaluation of the buyer’s financial standing and creditworthiness - free of charge.
  • Indemnity is paid in the currency of the export contract in order to minimize the currency risk.
  • Payment of the indemnity is guaranteed by the State Treasury.