For difficult markets: Policy for the East For difficult markets: Policy for the East

“My company wants to minimize the risk of non-payment when doing business on markets facing increased political risk."

Operating on politically unstable markets always involves additional risks. Policy for the East covers not only the consequences of typical events occurring in trade, such as buyer’s insolvency, but also the results of political developments and events defined as force majeure, which may affect payments

What are the conditions?

  • The exported goods or services must meet the criteria of Polish content.
  • The maximum payment term for the delivered goods and services rendered cannot exceed two years. For agricultural products the repayment term shall be no more than 540 days (WTO rules).
  • You can use the calculator to perform a simulation of the premium rates that will apply to your company.

Which countries are covered by the Policy for the East?

Policy for the East applies to receivables due from buyers based in 59 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Afghanistan Ecuador Kyrgyzstan Sao Tome and Principe
Albania Equatorial Guinea Laos Serbia
Algeria Eritrea Liberia Sierra Leone
Angola Gambia Libya Somalia
Armenia Georgia Malawi South Sudan
Azerbaijan Ghana Moldova Sudan
Belarus Guinea Mongolia Suriname
Bosnia and Herzegovina Guinea-Bissau Montenegro Tajikistan
Burundi Guyana Myanmar Turkmenistan
Cambodia Iran Nicargua Ukraine
Comoros Iraq Nigeria Uzbekistan
Congo Kazakhstan North Macedonia Venezuela
Congo, Dem. Rep. Kenya Pakistan Viet Nam
Cuba Korea, Dem. Rep. (North) Russian Federation Zambia
Dominican Rep. Kosovo Rwanda  


How does it work?

Step 1: Assessment of the buyer’s credit worthiness
The company completes an insurance form and specifies the credit limit for the buyer submitted for the insurance. Our team of analysts then evaluates the credibility of the buyer.

Step 2: Conclusion of an insurance agreement and payment of insurance premium
After a positive assessment of the credibility of a business partner, the company concludes an insurance agreement with KUKE and completes payment of the insurance premium. The agreement remains in force for a period of 12 months with an option of automatic prolongation. The premium payable in monthly instalments the only cost incurred by the company throughout duration of the insurance policy..

Step 3: Delivery of goods or services and payment by the buyer
The company delivers the goods or renders the service to the buyer. Next, the buyer makes the payment within the timeframe specified in the contract or stated on the invoice.

Step 4: Debt collection
Should the buyer fail to complete the payment within the specified payment period, the company requests that KUKE initiates debt collection procedures in relation to the buyer in default.

Step 5: Indemnification
Should the debt collection fail to bring the anticipated effects, indemnity is paid out to the company.

What are the benefits?

  • We provide a comprehensive insurance cover which is custom-fit to operating on high-risk markets. We protect your company against the risk of buyer’s default, as well as against the risk of sudden changes in the political and economic environment in the buyer’s country.
  • The payment of indemnity is guaranteed by the State Treasury.
  • We allow the exporter to submit for cover only selected buyers
  • We provide effective debt collection and we do not charge additional fees for recovered receivables.
  • We provide a solid evaluation of the buyer’s financial standing and creditworthiness - free of charge.