For a growing business: Package Policy

“I need a comprehensive insurance of trade receivables that is tailored to the specific profile of my business.”

Is your company’s export and domestic turnover growing? Do you have an extensive buyer structure? Do you want to insure your trade receivables, but at the same time expect the insurance agreement to be fine-tuned to your specific business activities? If so, the Package Policy is your preferred option. The Package Policy has been designed specifically to meet your individual needs and requirements.

What are the conditions?

  • The Package Policy is intended for all Polish businesses carrying out export and/or domestic transactions with deferred terms of payment.
  • The premium is always determined individually according to several criteria is based on a number o variables.  The main determinant is the value of turnover submitted for insurance. However, industrial sector of your company, as well as the number of credit limits issued, also play an important role.  The premium is set individually for each policy.

Which countries are covered by the Package Policy?

We cover 36 countries including Poland:

Australia Germany New Zealand
Austria Greece Norway
Belgium Hungary Poland
Bulgaria Iceland Portugal
Canada Ireland Romania
Croatia Italy Slovakia
Cyprus Japan Slovenia
Czech Republic Latvia Spain
Denmark Lithuania Sweden
Estonia Luxembourg Switzerland
Finland Malta United Kingdom
France Netherlands USA


How does it work?

Step 1: Assessment of the buyer’s credit worthiness
The company completes an insurance form and specifies the credit limit for the buyer submitted for the insurance. Our team of analysts then evaluates the credibility of the buyer.

Step 2: Conclusion of an insurance agreement and payment of insurance premium
After a positive assessment of the credibility of a business partner, the company concludes an insurance agreement with KUKE and completes payment of the insurance premium. The agreement remains in force for an indefinite period or for a period specified in the insurance agreement. The premium payable in monthly or quarterly instalments.

Step 3: Delivery of goods or services and payment by the buyer
The company delivers the goods or renders the service to the buyer. Next, the buyer makes the payment within the timeframe specified in the contract or stated on the invoice.

Step 4: Debt collection
Should the buyer fail to complete the payment within the specified payment period, the company requests that KUKE initiates debt collection procedures in relation to the buyer in default.

Step 5: Indemnification
Should the debt collection fail to bring the anticipated effects, indemnity is paid out to the company.

What are the benefits?

  • The Package Policy allows you to focus on your core business and safely grow your business.
  • We offer flexible insurance conditions that are tailored to the specific business profile of your company.
  • With a single policy you are able to cover both export and domestic receivables.
  • We are able to cover receivables arising before the conclusion of the insurance agreement.
  • We provide effective debt collection and we do not charge additional fees for recovered receivables.

Files to download

General terms and conditions of short-term receivables insurance Package (offered from 01.02.2019)
General terms and conditions of short-term receivables insurance Package (offered until 31.01.2019)