International cooperation International cooperation

Berne Union

Since 1999, we are a member of the Berne Union, i.e. The International Union of Credit and Investment Insurers founded in 1934. The Berne Union promotes uniform principles for export credit and investment insurance establishing also the forum of cooperation among public and private insurance agencies, within organized twice-a-year meetings of all members, ad hoc seminaries and workshops, and within the current exchange of the information and experiences among the insurers. In accordance with the message included in “Value Statement”, members of the Berne Union declare their commitment to operate in a professional manner that is financially responsible, respectful of the environment and which demonstrates high ethical values. Internally, the Berne Union activity is bound up with the rules covered by “Guiding Principles”, adopted in October 2008 which duly replaced “General Understanding” and sectoral understandings. The document reflects the main idea of members activity and promoting practices that contribute to sustainable economic growth. Based on this “Guiding Principles”, the detailed and practical guidelines have been worked out and collected in “Operational Guidelines” separately set for investments, medium and long term and short term credits. In the external relations the Berne Union acts as an advocate of its members within the “Berne Union Advocacy”.

One of the relevant aspects of this cooperation is the support given to newly established credit and investment insurance agencies within the Prague Club. The Prague Club was founded in 1993, under the auspices of the Berne Union, among others by the initiative of KUKE.  The aim was to work out an information exchange forum for newly established credit and investment agencies as well as to encourage the international trade development in a course of supporting unified rules both for export credit insurances, and foreign investments. Members of the Prague Club aspiring to join  the Berne Union, originate in Central and Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa. During a meeting that took place in Warsaw in May 2016, members of the Berne Union and Prague Club decided to fully integrate the Prague Club into the Berne Union. Currently the Prague Club functions as a committee within the framework of the Berne Union.


We participate in the works of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), whose aim, among the others, is to establish rules governing the financing of export transactions supported by the state, as well as to monitor observance of these guidelines. Our representatives take active part in working groups related to medium- and long-term export credits i.e. with repayment period exceeding two years.

OECD is a forum from the exchange of information about systems of supporting exports and a place for coordinating policies dealing with environmental and social issues within the framework of export transactions, combating bribery of foreign public officials in international transactions and sustainable lending dedicated to low income countries.

Export credit agencies

Aside from our activity on international forums, we cooperate with foreign export credit agencies based on bilateral cooperation agreements. Such agreements facilitate common activities of insurers concerning projects carried out jointly by exporters from states that are parties to the agreement and realized in the market of a third party. Mutual cooperation agreements also facilitate the sharing of information on entities based in Poland as well as the partner country. We have signed cooperation agreements with the following export credit agencies:

Export credit agency Country
ASHRA Israel
BAEZ Bulgaria
COFACE Francce
ECGC India
ECGD United Kingdom
ECGE Egypt
EDC Canada
EFIC Australia
EGAP Czech Republic
EXIAR Russian Federation
HBOR Croatia
INGOSTRAKH Russian Federation
KEIC South Korea
MBDP North Macedonia
MEHIB Hungary
OEKB Austria
ONDD Belgium
TEBC Taiwan


Reinsurance of medium- and long-term export credits

We cooperate with export credit agencies concerning mutual reinsurance of medium- and long-term export credits. The bilateral cooperation enables reinsuring  credits financing Polish deliveries included in large-scaled export project which is insured by partner agency, with whom the reinsurance agreement was signed. The agreements are based on reciprocity. Reinsurance enables coverage of parts of deliveries which are performed by the same country of origin as partner export credit agency.

This kind of cooperation means for both sides easier and quicker insurance procedures due to  the following aspects:

  • new and simpler project financing solutions which enable to apply uniform terms of payment for goods delivered by Polish and foreign exporters,
  • one insurance policy instead of two policies issued by both export credit agencies.

We have signed reinsurance agreements with the following export credit agencies:

Export credit agency Country
ATRADIUS Netherlands
COFACE Francce
EDC Canada
EGAP Czech Republic
EKF Denmark
EKN Sweden
KEIC South Korea
OEKB Austria
ONDD Belgium
SACE Italy
SERV Switzerland


European Union

We participate in the meetings of the Council Working Group on Export Credits (CWG Group), which was set up by the Council Decision in 1960. The main objective of the CWG Group is putting forward suggestions for the harmonization between Member States of terms and conditions for export credit insurance, financial credits and investment guarantees, as well as promoting exchange of information in this field of interest and encouraging consultation on all concrete problems. Simultaneously, the CWG Group stands for the significant forum of coordinating the positions of the Member States within international organizations.

Most of the EC legislation in the field of export credits consists of texts which have been elaborated within the framework of the OECD (above all - Agreement on Officially Supported Export Credits, i.e. OECD Consensus). The most important internal legislation on export credits in the EC is the Directive on harmonization of the main provisions concerning export credit insurance for transactions with medium and long-term cover of 7 May 1998.

Credit Alliance

The Credit Alliance network affiliates export credit insurers, business intelligence agencies, rating firms and debt collecting agencies from ca. 100 countries for which the strategic objective is to support export credit insurance through the exchange of the information on risk assessment. Maintaining their commercial and insurance autonomy, partners work out the common insurance and reinsurance strategy. Credit Alliance partners sharing experiences exchange also the information about economic entities which database covers over 50 million entities from all the continents. As a founding member, we are a partner of the Credit Alliance network since 1994.