Good Insurance Practices

We observe the principles of Good Insurance Practices adopted by the Polish Chamber of Insurance. These principles contain the rules that public confidence companies operating in the insurance industry with full respect for ethical standards, good practices and with full transparency should follow.

The rules lay down the relations between insurance institutions with many entity groups, including clients, insurance intermediaries, the supervision authority and the Polish Insurance Ombudsman, the media, as well as the mutual relations between the insurers themselves.

In line with the Rules, insurance companies particularly do not use unjustified differentiation of the terms and conditions of the services rendered for the benefit of specific clients and to their best knowledge provide their current and potential clients with responses to queries addressed to the insurance companies and clarifications concerning the services rendered by them. Insurance companies adjudicate complaints concerning their operations without undue delay, fairly and in good faith, responding to any claims and allegations made against them and endeavour to achieve a complaint response time within one month.  Insurance companies also endeavour to ensure that the settlement of their disputes with clients follow the laid down settlement procedure. Insurance companies apply the principle of respect and understanding of tasks prescribed by law of the offices of the supervision authority and the  Polish Insurance Ombudsman. The Council of Good Insurance Practices operating at the  Polish Insurance Association is responsible for monitoring the manner in which the Rules are applied.

The full text of Good Insurance Practices can be found on the Polish Insurance Association’s website