About KUKE


For over 30 years, we have been providing insurance services to Polish entrepreneurs. We cover both export and domestic transactions of our clients, facilitating safe trade in Poland and abroad. Our activities focus on insuring trade receivables arising from sales of goods and services with deferred payment. Also, as part of our insurance activities we issue bonds and guarantees.

We are a Polish company. Our shareholders are the State Treasury, represented by the Prime Minister and Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego.

As the only insurance company in Poland, we are authorized to provide export insurance backed by the State Treasury, thus offering insurance cover on markets exposed to higher political risk.

As the only insurer in the country, we cover export transactions with payment terms exceeding the period of two years.

We facilitate access to external financing. Our factoring company, KUKE Finance, provides export and domestic factoring services in all available forms, particularly within the framework of non-recourse factoring i.e. where the factor assumes the risk of non-payment by his client’s buyer.