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KUKE among the three most dynamic insurers

In the first half of the year, KUKE topped the ranking of the fastest growing insurance companies in the non-life insurance sector in terms of the growth rate of gross written premium.

UMC Poland secures exports during the pandemic with KUKE GAP EX

“The impact of the pandemic is visible in all areas of our operations. However, quick decisions have had a positive impact on the situation in our company,” says Witalis Korecki, General Manager at UMC Poland, which used the KUKE GAP EX insurance.

BGK and KUKE support Wielton’s contract in Africa

BGK has supported an export transaction to another international market, the Ivory Coast. Wielton will sell its trailers there, and the transaction will be insured with KUKE.

New opportunities in exports to Russia

Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego confirms documentary letters of credit opened in ruble. These transactions can now be covered by KUKE. Famur, a producer of mining equipment and machinery, was the first company to take advantage of the new solution.

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